sonnet rsoThe Sonnet represents a lot of research in guitar design. Inspired by the classics, the Sonnet shape was tuned to perfection. We gave particular attention to its vibrating areas and to the amount of woods or "mass" that was put in critical areas such as the bridge or the headstock, thus creating a better balance in tone while enhancing its vintage-flavored character.

The pickups were specifically designed to fit the Sonnet's natural voicing: the MHN-2 Humbucker is a unique low output pickup which ensures a creamy, yet twangy tone, thus creating a perfect balance with the vintage-voiced SCC-2 single coils. The push-push switch located on the tone control lets you combine both the bridge and the neck pickups for additional tones. The Vintage Style "Steel Tone" Tremolo was built to precision, using the finest steel saddle material and a cold rolled steel sustain block. As with all Magneto guitars, the electronic cavities are shielded, as are the pickguard materials.

The combination of quality tonewoods, premium materials, and enhanced ergonomics ensures an optimal playing and musical experience.





COLORS black Black vanilla fudge Vanilla  Fudge retro candy red Retro Candy Red
RSO Racing Orange LMS Mercury Silver Pacific Blue Pacific Blue

Sonnet RS Orange close-up gallery