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Magneto Guitars was launched in May 2009. After 20 years of experience in the field of electric guitar design and manufacturing, Christian Hatstatt decided to partner up with a team of highly skilled luthiers based in Japan in order to be able to provide some of the best quality in manufacturing.
This collaboration already goes back many years and has repeatedly proven to be successful.

In 2017 we started to work on a new project; the idea was to offer quality guitars at a more affordable price point. Most of us remember the time when we started to play the guitar and we were a little tight on budget, the offer was there but it was hard to find a reliable quality, meaning instruments that are well built and intonated. With this new series of instruments we want to offer instruments that offer a good level of playability, tone and durability. Here again, we have set up a manufacturing alliance with an old friend and the Magneto U-One Series was born.

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Christian Hatstatt

Guitar Designer, Manufacturing & QC Manager, Bigwig