---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 2023


Magneto® guitars will launch a new guitar design by the name of "Starlux".

The new Starlux will be available as of middle of 2023 in finishes such as Candy Apple Red, Sunset Gold and Midnight Silver.

The Starlux was designed with the idea of bringing the spirit of the 50s into the next century. The basswood body is made of a semi hollow construction for improved body vibrations, the bone nut and retro style vibrato are helping to define a rich and lively tone which is immediatley noticable when playing the instrument unplugged. The body was designed to perfectly match the playing position and its semi hollow construction helps to keep the weight to an average 3.6 Kgs / 7.9 lbs.

The Classic Twin humbuckers are offering a wide range of possibilities crossing the boundaries of the conventional retro style guitars. The neck is a 3-piece hard maple construction for enhanced stability and tone, the fingerboard is made of Rosewood with the Magneto Starlux inlays. A roller saddle bridge is paired to the vibrato in order to enhance its tuning stability.

The very first models will be displayed at the coming NAMM show at the Lyon and Healy Corporation booth Nr. 4320.


 For more information, contact us or your local dealer/distributor.
August 2020

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

- Chinese proverb



At Magneto® guitars we are fully aware that our activities have an impact on our planet. Despite the fact that a lot of our work is done by hand, there is no way that we can keep our work a 100% clean (or carbon neutral) for now. However, we always keep a true respect for the world that surrounds us and especially for its wonderful nature.

Hence we have taken the decision that as of September 2020, we will plant a tree for every guitar that we are building. Why? Well because trees are vital; they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world's wildlife, not to mention that we are using woods to build our guitars.

In this vain we have decided to collaborate with the enterprise Reforest'Action in order to make sure that these trees will indeed be planted in the areas which have the most urgent needs.


July 2020

 U-One Series: the new Magneto guitar line!

U One Headstock Blue1

In the past 10 years we have been very fortunate to supply guitars to many recording and touring musicians. We have also received many requests from musicians that we were not able to fulfil at the time; a lot of people have asked us if we couldn't make a guitar that would be more affordable. It took quite some time to elaborate the right product and production scheme.

Then in 2017 we have met a couple of old friends who have offered us to help in the production of a new line of guitars. After many months of development work, an alliance was made in 2018 to produce the all new Magneto® U-One series. We have designed new models and created a few different versions of our Sonnet model that would accomodate the budget minded players. We have not forgotten about our original idea which is to maintain a quality level that would enable these instruments to be played on stage by professionals.

Our aim is to use our knowledge and expertise to produce a more affordable instrument. Just like our Magneto® Guitars, the U-One instruments will be built with a slightly different balance in weight and volume hence delivering a more complexe and solid midrange focussed tone.

Check out our new models under:



September 2019

Magneto Guitars Roadshow 2019

 AndyJones 1080 4
Magneto® Guitars and U-One by Magneto will be doing a tour through China together with London Session guitarist Andy G Jones. We will be in the following cities:
  • October 7th: Guangzhou, WeLoveMusic 维乐家, organised by Mr. Eric WONG
  • October 8th: Wuhan, LJF Jazz Music Bar
  • October 10th-13th: Music China, Shanghai. Booth # W2F26
  • October 15th: Beijing, Video production


August 2019

 Magneto Guitars to display at Music China

Magneto Guitars and U-One by Magneto will be exhibiting at Music China from october 10th through to october 13th. Come and visit us at our booth W2F26